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A collection of reports and updates on the safety and reconstruction of the Des Plaines Illinois River Bridges.

Des Plaines River Bridges Joliet, Illinois

The Interstate 80 bridges spanning the Des Plaines River in Joliet were first constructed in 1965, and subsequently reconstructed in 1998

The dual bridges span 2,300 feet in length, carrying more than 85,000 vehicles a day, and provide a vital link for both local east-west mobility through Will County and to the national freight system

The existing Des Plaines River Bridge structure is a truss bridge, which cannot be widened to add lanes or shoulders from the current 3-lane configuration


IDOT inspection report information for the Des Plaines River Bridges – Spring 2018

Des Plaines River Bridge Design Alternatives

IDOT is reviewing alternative bridge designs as part of the Interstate 80 Ridge Rd. to US Rt. 30 Project.



Refined North

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