Hoboult Road bridge underway, intersection project slated for late fall

Hoboult Road bridge underway, intersection project slated for late fall

By Bob Okon

Houbolt bridge drawing

An artist’s rendering of the future Houbolt Road bridge.

Construction of the Houbolt Road bridge and a new Interstate 80 interchange is scheduled to be completed at roughly the same time in early 2023, but they won’t start together.

Houbolt Road Extension Joint Venture has announced the start of construction of the toll bridge that will span the Des Plaines River to provide a direct route to I-80 for trucks going to and from the intermodal yards in Joliet and Elwood.

Construction of the I-80 interchange and widening of Houbolt Road probably won’t start until late fall, said Joliet Public Works Director Greg Ruddy.

“Right now we’re finalizing plans on that,” Ruddy said. “We plan on going for bids in a couple of months.”

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